The OG Bundle
The OG Bundle
The OG Bundle
The OG Bundle
The OG Bundle

The OG Bundle

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This bundle includes the original products that First Class Detailing Supplies launched with. 


1- First Class Suds

First Class Suds is our top of the line premium soap. It washes away dirt, grease, grime and gives you lots of suds.

Wash is a highly concentrated soap so it is suggested to use one-two ounces per bucket.

Wash will not harm previous applied wax, sealants and/or ceramic coatings.

1- First Class Iron

First Class Iron is a pH balanced, acid-free cleaner to dissolve iron particles and airborne chemicals that penetrate deep into the painted surfaces.

Iron was created to give you the deep clean by removing contamination well past the capabilities of claying and polishing.

This process will make application of wax, polishes, sealants and ceramic coatings properly bond to paint surfaces.


1- First Class Wheel Cleaner

First Class Tire Cleaner is excellent for black and white wall tires. It quickly removes dirt and grime from the black wall and gives you a bright white wall.


1- First Class High Gloss Tire Shine (32oz) 

First Class Tire High Gloss is our premium solvent based high gloss protection for your tires, trim, rubber molding and vinyl.


1- Tire Applicator

Apply tire dressings to your tires with ease with First Class Tire Applicator.

  • Use less product
  • Accurate application
  • The handle fits perfectly in your hand
  • Mess free application
  • Durable


1- Microfiber Wash Mitt

The First Class wash mitt is the most versatile wash product on the market. It works as a mitt or as a pad/sponge, and can be dialed into your desired thickness.

This hybrid sponge mitt measures 9”x8” it is the perfect size to be easily handled. There is an opening on one end, which will allow your hand to enter for mitt washing. We supply you with two layers of removable foam inner. If you prefer a thicker, and more absorbent sponge, install both layers of foam. For a lightweight and flexible wash pad, remove all layers of foam. Use one layer of foam for something in between.


1- Wheel Detailing Brush (Large)

First Class Large Brush is very versatile including: Delicate wheel cleaning, caliper cleaning, lug nut cleaning, door jambs, badges, etc.

  • Extremely soft bristles to clean easier and safely.
  • Large in size to deep clean the hardest to reach of areas
  • Get into the crevices of your lug nuts
  • Metal Free design


1- First Class Drying Towel 

The First Class microfiber towel is made with a long pile twist microfiber weave. The double layer design has interior sewn edges, and center stitching, for structural integrity and durability. The 20"x40" size is perfect for the 1100 gsm weight and thick pile, lending itself to be easily used as open sheet or folded twice (for 8 distinct sections).


The twist pile design glides softly across paint glass and plastic surfaces, while absorbing completely streak free. This 1100 gsm microfiber car drying towel performs particularly well in windows and mirrors, and can still absorb streak free when slightly damp.


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We just want to say thank you for being here and supporting our business. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products available on the market, while being affordable enough so that you always choose us. So grab a wash mitt and some Suds, its going to be a great ride!