Let's talk about washing your vehicle.

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Avoid Carwashes.

& Here are the reasons why.

  • Car washes utilize high PH soaps to break down bugs, dirt and grime. Overtime, high PH soaps can start to oxidize your clear coat and give it a dull appearance.
  • Touch car washes will leave scratches and swirls in your paint. As well wear down your clear coat.

For example, a recent client came in with complaints of dull paint, hard to clean and no "like new" appearance no matter what he was trying at home. During the initial inspection our professional installers noted severe clear coat damage to both front doors and around the door trims that the clear coat was completely worn down and not existent. Once talking with the client, he stated that he has been running his vehicle through a touch car wash since 2016 frequently. 

Since educating this client he has canceled his membership to the touch carwash and handwashes his vehicles with First Class Detailing Supplies products. 

Something to keep in mind, the car in front of you that is covered in mud, dirty or grime, as well as the places that use brushes that go from car to car, when they finish the vehicle in front of your vehicle the brush that contains dirt particles, salt, small rocks, tar etc. is now being brushed and applied directly onto your vehicles paint. 

The easiest way to ensure your vehicle is getting properly washed and cared for we recommend handwashing with a microfiber wash mitt, PH neutral soap and drying with a microfiber drying towel. Always wash your vehicle starting from the top of the vehicle to the bottom. 

Having two separate wash buckets, one for your paint and one for the tires/wheels can also help to make sure cross contamination does not happen.

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